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Downloading Your Favorite Software Programs

The following instructions will lead you through the process of searching for your favorite software programs and downloading them to your computer using the MP3Rocket software.

  • Double-click the icon on your desktop to start the MP3Rocket software (if it is not already running)
  • Wait for the progress bars in the bottom left corner of the program to increase to Good, Excellent or TurboCharged
  • Click the Programs button
  • Enter a portion of the software title in the Filename text box (keep the search generic to start, as the program has advanced filtering you can use to narrow down your search results)
  • Click the Search button
  • Wait for the Progress Bar in the search tab to stop to ensure you get the most results
  • Click on the top of the Speed column to sort the results by the best connections (the fastest connections will be T3, T1 or Cable/DSL)
  • Then, for best results, look for a high number in the # column, which represents the number of sources that contain this file
  • The size of the file will depend on the type of program you are searching for. Some smaller programs may be only several megabytes (MB) in size, while larger packages will be several hundred megabytes. Sort the results using the Size column to get an average file size. For example, if most files listed are 50MB in size, avoid the downloads which are less than 40MB as they will not be the complete program, or they could be corrupt.
  • Locate the file you want, right-click on it and choose Download
  • The progress of the download will appear in the window below the search results